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The sound has been muted to protect your eardrums!


SNAP Catio donated and built by CopperCat Brewery in memory of Mary Wolf and Bernie Page.

Daily Schedule

This is a guesstimate of times and activities here at SNAP Cats. Things can happen, and they always do, but it should be fairly accurate.

7:15am – 7:45am – Get the seniors their breakfast and meds.

7:45am – 8:15am – Good morning, FeLV Room! Feed breakfast and scoop poop.

8:15am – 8:45am – Good morning, kitten room! Pick up/scoop poop; refresh water bowls; fill food bowls; get laundry started (weekends only).

8:45am – 9:15am – Express cats. Put SNAP Wraps on cats. Scoop poop. Tidy room.

9:15am – 11am – Cats play. Darryl schedules his day, answers emails, etc. Laundry (weekends only).

11am – 1pm – Cats nap. Scoop poop. Laundry (weekends only).

1pm – 6pm – Darryl runs errands for an hour. Clean rooms. Scoop poop. Refresh all bowls. Play with kitties. Laundry (weekends only).

6pm – Darryl’s favorite time of day: he has a (rather large) glass of wine with all of the kitties on the SNAP Catio (and catches up on the news with his smart phone).

7pm – Meds and nighttime specialty foods. Laundry (weekends only).

7:30pm- 9pm – Darryl gets to eat. Then expresses cats before going to bed. Laundry.

9pm+ - Darryl dreams of new kitties he will save!